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Serving North King and Snohomish Counties

Selah Birth Support

Providing emotional, physical and spiritual support to women and their families before, during and after birth.

Meet Jamie

Why I’m a Doula

Every year on my birth day, my mother would recount my birth story and it always struck me how the emotions, details and words spoken to her, were still so fresh. Even from an early age, I knew that birth mattered and that the experience of giving birth can change how you view yourself and your capabilities forever. Over the past few years, I’ve observed that what impacts a family’s birth experience more than anything, is if they felt respected, supported, empowered and were shown compassion. As a doula, I strive to bring those ideas and emotions into every interaction I have with my clients.


I took the plunge and trained through the Simkin Center in June 2017 and certified with PALS in November 2017. I now serve North King and Snohomish counties at home, birth center and hospital births. I’m a Washington native who grew up in Snohomish county and I now live in Everett with my husband and our three awesome kids. I love drinking enormous amounts of coffee, trying anything new, cooking, being outside and reading in the bathtub.


Prenatal Visits

After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, we will schedule two 1-2 hour prenatal visits. (Coffee or tea is on me!) During the first visit, we will discuss your experience with the pregnancy thus far, any concerns and hopes you have for birth, and discuss ways to prepare during the rest of the pregnancy for birth and the post-partum period. The second visit will focus on how I can best support you and your partner during labor, working together to create a birth plan for you to discuss with your care provider and discussing and practicing some comfort measures to use during labor. I will then be available by phone/text/email for the rest of your pregnancy if you have any questions or concerns, need emotional support or need a referral for services.

Continuous Labor Support

As a Doula, I will offer unwavering support to you and your family throughout your labor or planned cesarean section. I will be on call for the weeks before and after your estimated due date and will join you at your home or the hospital in early labor when you are ready for my support. I will use my education and experience to help you and your partner navigate through your options, perform physical comfort measures, communicate effectively with care providers, offer encouragement and perspective and help alert you to deviations from your birth plan. I will remain with you until 2-3 hours after birth until you are ready to settle in and rest. Research shows this kind of continuous support during labor consistently results in better outcomes for moms and babies and a greater sense satisfaction from the mother.

Postpartum Support

After you are settled in at home, I will schedule a time for me to meet with you at your convenience. We can discuss/debrief your birth experience, check-in on how feeding is going, how you're feeling emotionally, and refer you to any services you or baby might benefit from. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who understands and is a willing ear for you to externally process!


I am currently not accepting clients, thank you for your consideration and understanding!


My husband and I were really blessed by Jamie in the weeks leading up to my labor and the day of. She helped educate us on labor, how my husband could support me at the different stages, answered our questions, helped us connect and prepare emotionally, checked in with me on how I was doing, and prayed with us. Jamie listened to what we wanted, helped us form an all natural, unmedicated birth plan, gave support when the plan needed to be revised for an early induction because of gestational diabetes, and then when - surprise - I went into labor naturally anyway (the night before my scheduled induction!), she was there supporting us as well. I felt perfectly safe with Jamie there to lean on. I was less fearful knowing she was there. She is kind, strong, and calm. I couldn't have asked for more in a doula and highly recommend her.

Christina B.

...This was my third pregnancy, but my first with a doula. After a traumatic c-section experience, I had one successful vbac and was anxious to find support for another vbac. ...From the consultation through the birth of my daughter, and even in the weeks after she arrived, Jamie was a wonderful support to me and my family. I also loved the in-home postpartum visit after we were discharged from the hospital, and the messages checking in on us.
When I went into labor, Jamie was calming and reassuring. She instinctively knew when I needed support, and helped my husband be present with counter pressure techniques to get me through each contraction. Things progressed rather quickly, and I arrived at the hospital just in time to check into the room and deliver my sweet baby girl. With Jamie’s support, I was able to feel calm and more in control while in labor. Her words of encouragement were powerful. I would absolutely recommend Jamie to anyone looking for a calming, comforting presence for birth and postpartum. She will be my first choice for future babies.

Amanda J.

Let me just start by saying I am SO thankful we had Jamie on our birthing team. I would not have loved my birth as much as I did without her. We just had our first child, and we live far away from family, and I had so many questions and fears during my pregnancy. We loved Jamie from the first visit and she was quick to respond to and help with every question and concern I had and put my fears to rest. With every visit, she asked important questions and made sure every base was covered. We planned on having a birth center birth, but things took a turn at 41 weeks and I ended up needing to transfer to the hospital. Jamie was there every step of the way and helped communicate my desires for my labor and birth to the hospital team. She made sure I was well informed and was my saving grace through an unmedicated labor. She helped ensure it was a special, intimate experience for my husband and me, even though our birth plans had changed. She also checked in with me postpartum to make sure I was adjusting well physically and emotionally. Jamie is such a lovely soul and genuinely cares about her clients and their babies. We love her!

Jillyan G.

Training and Certifications

Birth Doula Training

Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University, June 2017

  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, fetal development, labor, postpartum, and breastfeeding

  • Components of prenatal care and the midwifery model of care

  • Emotions of pregnancy

  • Pain management techniques

  • Medical procedures used in labor

  • Labor variations and complications, including Cesarean birth

  • Communication and listening skills

  • The emotional and psychological aspects of giving birth and its significance in women’s lives

  • The doula’s role, professional ethics, standards of practice, and certification

  • Emotional support and physical comfort measures

  • Support for difficult labors, Cesarean birth, and vaginal birth after Cesarean

  • Newborn care and breastfeeding support

  • Values clarification and cultural sensitivity

  • Includes Introduction to Childbearing (DONA International certification requirement)

Pacific Association of Labor Support, certified November 2017

Other Advanced Doula Trainings:

  • Rebozo Uses for Labor and PostPartum - 9/2017

  • Spinning Babies Workshop - 3/2018

  • Cultural Competency: Working with Diverse Populations in Maternal Health with Shafia Monroe - 3/2018

  • Advanced Doula Workshop: Holding Space During Emergencies - 7/2018

  • 11th Annual NW Doula Conference - 10/2018


Certified Doula (PALS) 

The Pacific Association of Labor Support, or PALS Doulas. is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the advancement of the doula profession. It was founded in Seattle in 1988 and is the oldest membership organization in the doula community. In addition, PALS operates and certifies doulas in the Puget Sound region; working hand in hand with the community and local healthcare providers to educate families about the benefits of doula support.


Send and email or give Jamie a call to learn more.


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